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The World’s first high stakes par 3 golf league

The Grass League is uniquely embracing both professional and amateur events in team-based formats. Grass League events are set on lighted par 3 courses with the flagship host site located in the Phoenix market. The League welcomes qualifiers, encouraging broad participation and the discovery of emerging talents.

Grass League announces partnership with Bleacher Report for prime time Par-3 golf league

2024 Grass Clippings Open

April 17, 2024


54 Teams

+ 20 Franchise Teams

Market based franchises participate in the Grass League revenue share and hold automatic exemptions to all Grass League events.

+ 34 Independent Teams

Teams purchased on the open market that may enter the field through qualifying.

Top 18 Teams

April 19-20, 2024


75 Teams

+ 18 Qualifiers
+ 20 Franchises
+ 15 Sponsor Exemptions
+ 22 Independents who finished top 30

$100,000 Payout

2024 Grass League Pro

(Pro)  /  Coming December 2024   /   Tempe, AZ

2-Person Scramble