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The World’s first high stakes par 3 golf league

The Grass League is the world’s first high-stakes par 3 golf league. It features competitive tournaments with both amateur and professional players in team-based formats. The Grass League uniquely includes franchises representing different regions, duking it out on lighted par 3 golf courses.

2024 Grass Clippings Open

April 17, 2024


54 Teams

+ 20 Franchise Teams

Market based franchises participate in the Grass League revenue share and hold automatic exemptions to all Grass League events.

+ 34 Independent Teams

Teams purchased on the open market that may enter the field through qualifying.

Top 18 Teams

April 19-20, 2024


75 Teams

+ 18 Qualifiers
+ 20 Franchises
+ 15 Sponsor Exemptions
+ 22 Independents who finished top 30

$100,000 Payout

2024 Grass League Pro

(Pro)  /  Coming December 2024   /   Tempe, AZ

2-Person Scramble