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The Grass League is the world’s first high stakes par 3 golf league, uniquely embracing both professional and amateur events in team-based formats. Grass League events are set on lighted par 3 courses with the flagship host site located in Tempe, AZ. The League welcomes qualifiers, encouraging broad participation and the discovery of emerging talents.

With teams divided by regional markets, the League drives a sense of rivalry and community involvement. This innovative approach to team ownership and competitive play marks an exhilarating new chapter in the world of golf.

Amateurs are not permitted to directly earn money from their performance in golf tournaments. Ownership of all teams lies with third parties, distinct from the golfers listed on each team’s roster. Prize money from events is awarded to the team’s owners, not the golfers themselves. However, amateurs may generate income through Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals, securing partnerships and sponsorships related to their golfing career.

Professional players differ from amateurs in that they are eligible to receive direct financial benefits based on their performance in Grass League events. Team owners and professional golfers may negotiate compensation terms and conditions independently.

Yes, the Grass League offers a variety of events catering to both amateur and professional players. Events are designated as amateur, professional, or a combination of both, including pro/am events, depending on the structure.

To participate in events, every golfer must be part of a team willing to include them in their roster. Owners must purchase entry into the events and field their roster in order to compete. Some events are open to independent teams, while others are exclusively for Market-based teams.

The Grass League features two types of teams: Market-based teams and Independent teams. Market-based teams are permanent, geolocated entities akin to traditional sports franchises. These teams are part of the League-wide revenue sharing and are eligible to participate in all Grass League events. Independent teams, on the other hand, can enter tournaments where such teams are eligible but do not participate in the League revenue share, competing only for purse.

No, if youre a team owner you can not play for any team.