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Rules of Play

Grass Clippings Open
April 19-20, 2024
Local Rules



USGA Rules govern play except as modified by the following Local Rules. All Rule numbers refer to the current USGA Rules of Golf.


1. Teams: Each team consists of two rostered golfers who are partners. Only these golfers are allowed to play for their team, also referred to as a side in the Rules of Golf.


2. Format of Play: This event is a stroke play, two-man scramble. Both golfers on a team (side) play from the tee and then select their preferred tee shot. Subject to the following rules for marking and replacement, both golfers play from the location of that selected tee shot and the process is repeated until the ball is holed. A team may play their balls from each selected location in the order the team considers best but as soon as either player on the team holes their ball, the hole is completed.


3. Marking and Replacement Process other than on the Green: When the selected ball is not on the putting green, the team must place a ball marker or tee within one scorecard length of the ball, but not closer to the hole. Each player may place their ball for their next stroke within one scorecard length of the ball marker, but not closer to the hole, and play from that location. Any ball must remain in the same area of the course (as defined in Rule 2.2) throughout the marking and replacement process. If a ball is in the general area it must remain in the general area. If a ball is in a bunker, it must remain in the bunker. If a ball is in a penalty area it must remain in the penalty area. Except for a ball on a wrong green, if a ball is on the putting green, it must remain on the putting green.


4. Marking and Replacement Process on the Green: For a ball on the putting green, the team must place a ball marker within one putterhead length, but not closer to the hole. Each player may place their ball for their putt within one putterhead length of the ball marker, but not closer to the hole, and play from that location.


5. Failure to Mark Location before playing a stroke: Except for the tee shot, if a team fails to place a ball marker before the first ball is played from any location, the shot that would be played with the second ball is void and the team must accept the result of the first ball played.


6. Scoring: The team score on each hole is the total of the strokes selected as the best from each location. Each team has completed a hole when a ball is holed. Scoring after the round will take place in the old restaurant area.


7. Out of Bounds: The boundary of the course is identified by a chain link fence and defined by the inside edge at ground level of the metal fence posts.


8. Penalty Area: The irrigation pond to the right of hole #3 is a red penalty area. The edge of the penalty area is defined by the outside edge of the concrete lake liner. Any other penalty area will be encircled in red paint.


9. Immovable Obstructions: Relief without penalty is available under Rule 16.1 for interference (but not line of play) by an immovable obstruction including;

a. Poles, netting, and railroad ties forming the surrounds of the driving range
b. All concrete and asphalt cart paths
c. The dirt cart path right of #6 defined by ropes and stakes. Any other worn pathway, whether caused by vehicle traffic or not, is an integral object and relief without penalty is NOT available.
d. An area of rock closely arranged for a functional purpose (e.g. drainage or erosion control) is an obstruction. In all cases, obstructions adjacent to another obstruction are treated as the same obstruction.
e. The astroturf areas on some tee pads that are surrounded by concrete curbing.


10. Integral Objects: No relief without penalty is available for integral objects including:

a. The vertical railroad ties behind the bunker at the green of #17.
b. Any worn pathway through either grass or desert is integral and not an obstruction whether caused by vehicle traffic or otherwise.


11. Rule 10.2b(4) is waived for this event. A partner MAY stand on an extension of the line of play behind the player for any stroke.


12. Status of Old Bunker: The depressed area on the right side of the roped off cart pathway on #6, that might look like an old bunker, is not a bunker for this tournament. It is part of the general area.


13. Ties for Champion: A tie for the gross champion will be decided by sudden death playoff as soon as scores have been finalized. Hole #18 will be played repeatedly until a winner is determined. The first two playoff holes will be contested in the scramble format. If a tie still exists, the format will change to alternate shot as described in Rule 22 Foursomes.


14. Rules Committee: Lyman Gallup, Jim Balaschak, and Ron Koontz